söndag 22 mars 2020

HOME PLANET - free e-book!

Running out of books to read during the Covid-19 crisis?

We're putting up two free e-books for you, to entertain and help pass the time during the difficulties we're all in at the moment.

First one up is HOME PLANET by Michael Storm. An outrageous science fiction satire on the murky world of reality television. Particularly timely as a new season of that pitiful excuse for a TV show 'Big Brother' is on here in Sweden.

Click here to download or read online!

tisdag 11 februari 2020

TAJTS! Första avsnittet nu på Youtube!

Teo, Nova, Max och Adelaide fortsätter rapportera om superhjältars personliga problem, men står också inför superproblem själva! Nu på Youtube!

fredag 31 januari 2020

Now on YouTube!

Jack Sneaker is a private investigator. Stubbornly old school, but he has at least begun recording his case notes digitally, on his phone. And he's given us access to some of his files!

In this short film put together from his filmed notes, you can follow him as he solves (more or less) an extraordinary abduction case!

The project premise was, what if one person made a film, wrote, shot, acted, edited - all on his own? Like a one-man band in the park with guitar, rattling bells and a quirky song, and nothing more? Well, had to try it.

Twelve one-minute episodes have run daily on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and the whole thing is now a 12-minute short film on YouTube, with a couple of extra lines added that didn't make the 60-second cut for Instagram.