Sunday 28 June 2020

THE WARP - a bar in space (we're there now)

Vesper is a complex character with wavering self-confidence and a weak and confused conviction of faith. He just wants God to like him, if He even exists. And succeed in his calling, if he has one. His father is a bishop and his mother a politician. Vesper’s two older brothers and one older sister are all more successful than he, or so he feels.
The young Vesper opted for a commission to this part of the galaxy just to be far away, Ultimately Shifted, from the rest of the family. Making it impossible to take part in the family gatherings where his momentum in life was sure to be the topic of choice.

Unbeknownst to Vesper at the time, his commission to this distant quadrant was the very recommendation made by his father to the Galactic Church Council, in hopes that the challenge would make his son grow in confidence and become a better man.

The situation that brought him to The Warp this afternoon in a hurry to lift his glass in a hurry, was a minor case of a funeral gone wrong. Funerals just don’t go wrong. Simply because everyone present is calm and somber and at least one should be solidly dead. So Vesper kept repeating to himself. What could possibly go wrong under such orderly conditions? That pattern fell apart this morning. The object of the funeral, the one deceased, decided to wake up from the dead.

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