Tuesday 14 July 2020

THE AID STATION - new book by Jari Hinshelwood!

Human occupation has spread to other parts of the galaxy. In the Parallel system, ageing bomber pilot Brett Coles finds himself removed from the air force and having to fly aid missions to the occupied races.
   An old mansion is turned into an aid station and the operation will be run by the dubious Sidney Lemongrass, a former lawyer. Also at the aid station we find Forbes Tender, man about the house, who is actually a humanoid robot who wants nothing more than be furnished with the ability, specifically the tool, to be able to satisfy women. Until he is thus equipped, he is a lethal danger to humans.
   Coboe, the native kid. Wilzer, the flight engineer. We meet Brett's daughter Rory. And her pet cheetah cub Slim, which, typical of one's offspring's pets, somehow ends up becoming your responsibility.
   Donatella the ex-wife. And her new toy boy Rodney, whose accident is quite horrendous, but also funny, on the whole. And, of course, the dramatic, intense love story over the borders. And let's not forget Teeranne, the hooker with surprising business acumen.
  The Aid Station is, quite simply, a riot. Get it for your pad, phone, computer:  https://www.amazon.com/author/jarihinshelwood

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