THE REALITY SHOW. Ever wondered why reality television is so captivating? Well, first of all, there's the unbelievable reality of it. 'Good grief, these are real bona fide morons. They actually signed up for this.' There is an old English saying, 'Some mothers do have 'em.' Alas, they do.  
   But what you might not know is that reality television, the kind where young men and women give us the backside of humanity in all its glory, is in fact part of a sinister plan. A plan not of this world.
 Imagine if you lived on a planet a few light years down the way and came across foreign television signals. Showing a group of beings revealing pretty much everything they're made of. What would you make of that race?  
   In THE REALITY SHOW we follow a groundbreaking production and its contestants closely. Plus, two alien species. Each with a different view of our kind of television entertainment. And each acting upon it. With lethal consequences.
   This book offers a vivid and timely satire on reality television and the attitudes of its subjects and us, the viewers, who make the phenomenon possible. Take a shocking ride behind the scenes in THE REALITY SHOW. Get it in paperback or e-book HERE.

THE AID STATION. Human occupation has reached other parts of the galaxy. In the Parallel system, ageing bomber pilot Brett Coles is removed from the air force and flies fly aid missions to the occupied races.
   The aid operation is run by the dubious Sidney Lemongrass, a former lawyer. 
Also at the station we find Forbes Tender, man about the house, who is actually a humanoid robot with a dangerous requirement. Coboe, the native kid. Wilzer, the trusty flight engineer. We meet Brett's daughter Rory and her pet cheetah cub Slim. Donatella the ex-wife and her toy boy Rodney. And, of course, we have the dramatic, intense love story, that will crush Brett to the core. THE AID STATION is nothing short of a riot. Get it in paperback or e-book HERE.

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