We started out producing original audio drama podcasts inspired by American radio serials of the golden age. For the fun of it. The words 'hisnande historier' translate to thrilling, breathtaking stories.
But why in Swedish? Well, for a start, we are in Sweden. Secondly, we know of no one, apart from the national broadcaster, Sveriges Radio, producing fully dramatized audio stories in Swedish. Baffling, but there it is. Thus, duty compelled us to serve the underprivileged.
In any case, should the Swedish language be nothing more to you than a peripheral twist in human communication, do not despair. We have English shows as well. JH

Queen Vic & The Valve Men - part 1 of 4 "Completing the Unit"

Queen Vic & The Valve Men - part 2 of 4 "A Deadly Complication"

Queen Vic & The Valve Men - part 3 of 4 "The Mastermind of Evil"

Queen Vic & The Valve Men - part 4 of 4 "Mass for Destruction"

And two great shorts:

Jack Sneaker - Calcutta Crisis - 1

Jack Sneaker - Calcutta Crisis - 2

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